Sponsored messages are a type of an ad that can be sent directly as a message to anyone who has messaged your Facebook page. One of the greatest advantages of sponsored messages is that you can target any custom audience on your Facebook Ads Manager, and the message will be sent to everyone in the audience who has talked to your Facebook page before, even if they do not follow your bot.

Sponsored messages can also be used to reach your followers that are not eligible to receive promotional broadcast messages.

How can I create a sponsored message? 

1. Go to Ads 

2. If you haven't already, connect your Facebook ads account

3. Click the "New sponsored message" button and you will get the sponsored messages editor:

4. Add the name of the sponsored message - this will be the name of the ad in the Octane AI dashboard and in your Facebook Ads Manager.

5. Message: create the message that will be sent as a push notification to your targeted audience. Make sure it has a strong call to action for why they should continue the convo with your bot (depending on the type of the campaign) ie: "We are giving away a 20% discount code for today only! Are you in?"

6. Campaign: create a new campaign or choose an existing one from the campaigns dropdown.

7. An ad set is a group of ads (sponsored messages) that share the same budget, schedule, delivery optimization and targeting. You can create a new one or choose an existing one from the dropdown.

8. Set a maximum bid - use this option If you care more about having a stable average cost per optimization event, but if you want to get the most value from your budget we recommend you leave this one blank as in that case it will be set to lowest cost.

9. Set the daily budget.

10. Choose the targeted audience from the dropdown: select from an Octane AI list (see below for how to add a custom list as a new Custom Audience) any of your saved Custom Audiences you already created in the Facebook Ads Manager.

11. Click on the Preview button on the bottom of the editor in order to see how your message will look in the Messenger once it's sent to your customers:

12. Click on the "Create" button and the ad will be created in the Facebook Ads Manager 

12. In the Facebook Ads Manager you will be able to preview the message that will be sent to your customer and make any additional customizations.

Can Octane AI create custom audiences for my Facebook ads?
Once you have connected your ads account, you can create custom audiences from any Octane AI lists. For All followers list, the custom audience will be created automatically. For specific lists you want to add you can go into Lists, click the list you want to add, click Edit list and then toggle the option to "Create Facebook custom audience" for that list:

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