With our click to Messenger ad feature you can create a Facebook ad right from the Octane AI dashboard, and the ad will also appear in your Facebook Ads Manager. This is a specific type of Facebook ad that links to an automated conversation with your brand's Facebook page. The automated conversations can range anywhere from collecting an email address in exchange for an offer, to  asking a series of questions and recommending a product.

Here's a step by step for how to make a click to Messenger ad with Octane AI:

  1. Go to Ads
  2. If you haven't already, connect your Facebook ads account:  

3. Click on the New Click to Messenger Ad button and the ad editor will open:

4. Name your ad - this will be the name of the ad in the Octane AI dashboard and in your Facebook Ads Manager.

5. Message - create the message that will display in Messenger once a person clicks on the ad. This will be the first message they see after they open a conversation with your Facebook page, so make sure it has a strong call to action for why they should continue the convo with your bot. I.e.  "We are giving away a 20% discount code for today only! Ready to get yours?"

6. Post Image - the image that will be displayed on your ad

7. Post Text (optional) - add the text that explains to people what you are promoting

8. Link Headline - ad headline

9. Link description - add additional text to emphasize why people should click on your ad

10. Call to Action - from the dropdown select which call to action button you wish to use for your ad. 

To understand better what each of these is, check out the image of the Facebook ad where each of these elements is tagged:

11. Campaign: create a new campaign or choose an existing one from the campaigns dropdown.

12. An ad set is a group of ads (sponsored messages) that share the same budget, schedule, delivery optimization and targeting. You can create a new one or choose an existing one from the dropdown.

13. Set a maximum bid - use this option If you care more about having a stable average cost per optimization event, but if you want to get the most value from your budget we recommend you to leave this one blank as in that case it will be set to the lowest cost.

14. Set the daily budget for the ad set.

15. Choose the target audience from the dropdown: you can select any of your Audience groups you already created in the Facebook Ads Manager.

16. Click on the Preview button at the bottom of the editor to check how the message you added will look for your customers once they opt-in from the ad.

17. Click on the "Create" button and your ad is ready

Once your ad is created you can go to your Facebook Ads Manager, where you can preview your ad before you publish it live and add any additional advanced settings like updating the audience target etc. 

What type of ads I can set up with a click to Messenger ad?

You can set up basically any type of campaign with a click to Messenger ad: grow your bot followers and drive sales by offering a discount, ask a series of questions and recommend the best products based on their replies, or collect an email addresses in exchange for an offer etc.

Check out this example:

Will the people who interact with my ad become the followers of my bot?

Yes, once they click on your ad and start the conversation with your bot they will automatically become your bot followers.

Can Octane AI create custom audiences for my Facebook ads?
Once you have connected your ads account, you can create custom audiences from any Octane AI lists. For All followers list, the custom audience will be created automatically. For specific lists you want to add you can go into Lists, click the list you want to add, click Edit list and then toggle the option to "Create Facebook custom audience" for that list:

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