Think of Facebook Messenger as it's own social network, one of your first goals should be to grow your audience there. This enables you to send out broadcasts and flows to that audience.

There are a few great ways to grow your audience:

  1. Create Convos and share them to on your Facebook newsfeed, newsletter or any other place you have an existing audience. 
  2. Use our Comment Capture feature to bring your engaged Facebook audience to your bot. 
  3. Turn on the Discount Pop-up to get stores to opt in to Messenger from your store. This opt-in also allows us to send abandoned cart messages, receipts and shipping notifications. 
  4. If you have the pre-checked Add to Cart checkbox, you can use the add to cart checkbox to grow followers. Then, turn on abandoned cart messages, receipts and shipping notifications to get users on your store to engage with the bot. As soon as they engage with one of these messages, they will become a follower.
  5. Turn on the customer chat widget on your store that allows customers to talk to your bot directly on your site. 
  6. Use our Website Capture widget to add a custom button or pop-up to your site that opts people into Messenger.  

For in-depth information on this topic, check out The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Growing Your Audience on Facebook Messenger

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