A great way to grow your bot is to promote it using Facebook ads. You can setup a Facebook ad to go directly to a specific Convo, enabling you to setup a custom experience per ad. Also, Facebook ads let the bot talk directly to the customer without them needing to hit "get started," enabling better conversions.

 In order to promote your Convo and your bot with Facebook Messenger you need to set up two simple steps in Facebook Ads Link section:

1. For Distribution set Messenger

2. In URL Parameters fields set ref=ConvoURL

To be super clear, that means you copy your Convo link and then add "ref=" right in front of the URL so it becomes ref=ConvoURL where "ConvoURL" is what you copied in the image below.

3. For Destination select Messenger:

Click on Set up messages and make sure to set Customer Actions properly:

  • Choose "Buttons" for the customer action
  • Make sure you use the Message Title, Message Subtitle and button label to make a strong call to action for people to click on the button. New users to your bot will only see your Convo if they click the button here.
  • For the action select "Send a postback"

Please make sure your image looks great as well, if you wish to display a different image you can change it here:

Everything else should be set as for normal ads on Facebook. To learn more about Messenger Ads check out this Get started guide.

If you wish to track how promoted convo performed on it's own, you can set it up as a separate version, with a help of Copy Convo feature. Simply copy the Convo and use that version of it for your ad and then all the stats will be unique!

Facebook Ads feature is currently available only for Enterprise bots.

Check out the following video to learn more!

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