Abandoned cart messages are not just an amazing tool to remind your customers about products in their cart, they can also be used to grow your subscribers and email list.

With Marketing Opt-in option you can ask your customers to become your bot subscribers and also give you their email and subscribe to your newsletter.

How does it work?

When the customer receives an abandoned cart message they will see the "Subscribe to updates" button which, when clicked, will ask them whether they wish to receive new promotions and product news on Messenger. 

If they decide to opt-in we will also ask them to give us their email if they wish to receive email updates.

If they don't click on this button when they receive the abandoned cart message (ie they clicked on Checkout and didn't come back to Messenger) then, 23 hours later, we will send them a push notification to ask them whether whey wish to subscribe the bot and leave their email address.

How can I turn this ON and customize copies?

There is a toggle on your revenue dashboard that allows you to control this feature.

If you wish to change the messaging, simply click on the edit icon, and customize the wording according to your brand style.

Where do I see the emails I've collected?

If you go to Lists and click on the "Subscribers with email" list you will be able to see all users that subscribed.

You can export that list or use it with our Klaviyo Integration. In order to export lis simply open list and click on Export CSV button

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