With the Smile and Octane AI integration, you will get an amazing referral tool that will help you acquire new customers and followers on Facebook Messenger.

How to integrate these two apps?
Go to your Octane AI dashboard click on the Apps section, scroll down to the Smile integration and click on the "Add Smile" button.

Next, you will be taken to the Smile Dashboard. Click "Authorize" to add the app.

Now, you're set up, but keep reading to learn how it works and how to customize everything being sent out. 

How does it work?

When a customer who is logged in as a Smile member on your store purchases products from you, 14 days after the product ships (although this timing is customizable), they will receive a push notification in Facebook Messenger. This includes an option to share the referral link with their Facebook friends directly through Messenger and earn rewards through Smile if their friends purchase from the shared link.

*Please note that the message will only be sent if the customer has opted-in to receive notifications from your bot (i.e if the checkbox is already pre-checked or if the customer checks the checkbox manually, or they opt-in with the discount widget, website capture etc.).

If the customer hasn't received the order yet or has a question regarding the product they can simply click on "I need help" button in the message and it will give them an option to leave a message for you.

Can I customize the messages my customers receive?

Yes, you can customize the messages your customers receive as well as the copy of the message they share with their friends, here is how:

Click on the Customize button:

In the editor you will see options to customize all the messages for this integration.

The referral message is the first message a customer will get for this integration. It will send based on the timing you have chosen.

You can customize the copy of the message that your customer will share with their Facebook friends in the Customize Share Copy section:

*Make sure to hit the "Save" button after every change.

Can I change the timing for the message?
Yes, there is an option to change the timing to set it to a certain time period after their purchase is fulfilled/shipped.

The default timing is set to 14 days as it's usually enough time for the customer to receive the products, but if your delivery is much faster or slower than that make sure to change this timing.

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