Getting into the Convo Editor

Go to the Campaigns tab and click on Convos. Click Create New Convo. You are now in Edit Mode and ready to start.

First add an image, title, and subtitle for your new Convo like this:

Using the Convo Editor

Start the Convo simply by clicking into the content area and typing

You’ll notice that a placeholder will appear which allows you to choose whether you wish to use the person’s first or last name in your story. This can be a great way to personalize a convo.

What can I add to a Convo?

You can also include: Carousel, Image, Audio, Video, Request Location, as well as set of buttons:

If you for example wish to add a link to some external site, you would click on buttons dropdown, select: “Link to a Website"

Then you add a link to that URL and the button text you wish to be displayed to customers:

What are the reply buttons?

A Convo is more than a blog post, it is an interactive conversation with your customers. The blue replies are where you set up their options for what they can say back. It looks like this:

In the Convo editor you can add a reply by hitting the blue plus button:

Once you click you’ll see you have options for what the reply button does:

Let’s go through those:

  1. Next section - by clicking on this one, customers will simply move to the next part of your Convo once they click it.
  2. Tangent - A tangent allows your customers to go down a side path in the Convo. Tangents are added as a separate section like this:

3. Link to another convo

When you choose this a list of existing convos will appear and you can choose which one you wish to link to:

4. Follow - in your convo you can add Follow options for customers that haven’t followed your bot yet. If a customer has already followed your bot they won’t see this reply.

5. Share - this is how your customers can easily share your Convo on Facebook Messenger. When they choose to share they will see a share preview and then be able to share with their friends.

6. Link to other featured in your bot! For instance, you might want to link to a form, messages or more.

Preview and publish a Convo

If you wish to preview the convo before publishing click on "Preview" button at the bottom of the convo:

Once you are sure your convo is ready to go live, click "Save" button and you are all set:)

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