Your subscribers are Eligible for promotion via a Promotional Broadcast within 24 hours of interacting with the bot and one time after that until the user engages again. Once the user does engage with the bot again, they are eligible to be sent another promotional broadcast. So make sure you send engaging messages!

How can I know how many users are eligible for a Promotional Broadcast?

1.Coming Soon: You can see the exact number on your Usage Dashboard:

2. Or you can see how many subscribers can receive your promotional broadcast in the broadcast title:

Pro tip: You may find that you want to build up that list before you send a new promotional message. You have a few options for how to do that:

*If you have non-marketing focused material to send like news or something informational, send that through subscription broadcasts. If a user engages with that broadcast, then they are again eligible to send a promotional message to. Definitely make sure that broadcast has engaging replies! Learn about Subscription Broadcasts.

* Share a Convo from your Facebook page. Learn how to share a Convo.

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