Targeting the right audience is really important because it helps your store develop effective communication strategies. With Octane AI, you can target your audience according to gender, location, purchase history and the polls you've run. All of these options can be very effective in your campaigns. Learn more

Targeting by purchase history allows you to segment your customers by their number of orders within a bot and overall from your store. Here's a step by step of how to target by purchase history.

You can target customers based on their purchase history:

Purchase Data - This will include all purchases from the customer that we can measure: those directly from the store and also those purchases from the abandoned cart messages if a customer has been connected to the bot through your store.

You can segment customers within these three types:

1. The number of orders - Target messages by the number of orders a customer has made at your online store.

2. Time of the oldest order - Target by the first time customers bought an item from your store.

3. Time of newest order - Target based on the last time someone made a purchase in your store. For example, if you wanted to target people who bought a product in last seven days, you would set it up like this:

You can target by orders when you send a broadcast, create a flow, or when you create a list.

For example, let's say you want to notify anyone who's not bought from you yet in the past 30 days about a sale going on. Here is how you would target those customers:

*Pro tip: If you plan on sending frequent broadcast or multiple flows to certain groups, we recommend creating lists with those conditions. That way, you will always have them ready without having to define your target over and over again.

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