Important Update To This Feature

Facebook has let us know about some upcoming changes in the Facebook Messenger platform that we wanted to share with you:

"During F8 this year, we announced our plans to launch a lighter, better and simpler Messenger designed to build closer connections between people and businesses. As part of these efforts to thoughtfully prioritize features that best deliver this experience, we are announcing an additional set of feature changes to the Messenger Platform. "

Share functionality will not include a button that opens native sharing on Messenger. Facebook wants people to share content to Messenger using only the native sharing features that is built into their devices. Our share replies and buttons will continue to offer buttons to share to Facebook and twitter. This change will happen automatically.

Share Menu Item

The Share feature is added to your bot by default and it's a great way to encourage your audience to share your bot in Messenger, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

By default the image and description are pulled in from your Facebook page but you can customize it in your "Manage" page to anything you want.

If you want to preview how it will look to your customers, simple hit the “Preview” button.

You will get redirected to a the messenger to get a preview of how the menu item will look like before you save the update.

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