You can target your audience according to gender, location, number of orders and the polls you've run.

Here’s an example:

 How can I target my followers?

You can target your followers based on these parameters:

  1. Gender

2. Location (Updates to Location Targeting coming August 2019)

After your followers send their locations you can send relevant updates based on their location. If, for example, you are planning a promotion/concert/visit to San Francisco you can notify only people in that area:

3. Based on their responses to your Poll question. For example, if you wish to send an update only to the customers who responded that they love the X-Men movies, you do it like this:

4. Number of orders

We also have a new targeting feature which allows you to segment your customers by their number of orders! You can use this when you send a broadcast, create a flow or when you create a list. For instance, maybe you want to send a special discount or gift to customers who have purchased 2 or more times.

5. Based on Email/Phone
You can target users based on collected email or phone number, so if for example you wish to send notification to users who haven't provided their email address you can set it up like this:

Here's a video with more details on how to target by email and phone:

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