Convos and Broadcasts share many characteristics. It's easy to get them confused!

In general, Convos are a form of conversational content. The Convos Editor is the blank piece of paper where you write your interactive content. When we talk about Convos, we are referring to a piece of content 📜.

Broadcasts, on the other hand, are a means of reaching out to your followers via push notification. When we talk about Broadcasts, we are referring to a tool for sharing content 📣.

When you go to send a new Broadcast, the Convos Editor will load for you right in the Broadcast screen:

You can write a Convo within the Broadcasts screen and send it out to your followers right then and there, as the example above shows.

Or, you can pre-write a Convo elsewhere, tweak it for awhile, work on it with your team, and then share it via Broadcast when the time is right. Learn how to do that in this article.

So, how do you know when you should write a Convo versus when you should draft a Broadcast?

If you...

- want to share your work with someone (for approvals, a second eye, etc) before you send it, write a Convo first 📜

- want to save your work for later, think about it, come back and edit it at another time before you send it, write a Convo first 📜

- think you'll want to copy your message later and tweak it for the future (like for A/B tests or general optimization), write a Convo first 📜 so you can easily copy your Convo

- want to create content that you share on your site or advertise on social media, or content that will live in your bot's menu for bot visitors to find, write a Convo 📜

- want to send a message out to your followers right away or are in a hurry, write your Broadcast from the Broadcasts screen 📣 and don't worry about drafting a Convo first

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