The customer chat widget is an opt-in tool that allows your customers to chat with your bot directly from your store. This is a great way to provide a great customer experience, increase conversion and get more bot subscribers. 

To turn on the customer chat widget, you can simply enable it from your Home dashboard:

You can customize the chat widget simply by clicking on it.

Customize the appearance of the chat widget

You can choose the theme color and default state of the widget.

Minimized: The minimized state will ensure the button for the widget stays minimized until clicked. 

Expanded: The expanded state keeps the greeting open. You can set a delay time to delay when the widget shows up on your site. 

Fade: If you set the widget to Fade, the greeting message will show briefly after the delay time you set and then it will go away again.

Customize your greeting

The greeting is what the widget will say to a new person by default. Customize the greeting so it fits with the Convo you have connected to the widget. For example, if a bike store adds the chat widget, they might set it up to go to a Convo that helps someone find the right bike for them. They could choose greeting text that fits with that and say something like "Hi! Can we help you find the right bike for you?" The more personal, the better.

If you wish, you can customize the text for logged out users (users who are not logged into Facebook separately) but it's generally not recommended.

Choose where it will link once the customer start the conversation

Next, choose the content you wish to start when a user engages with the chat widget. We highly recommend choosing the Welcome message or Convo that introduces your store and it's products.  If possible, a Convo that helps recommend products is ideal. We have a guide for how to create a product finder Convo like that. 

Whatever you choose, make sure it's one that makes a great first impression! If you have an existing Convo that's a good fit, we recommend making a copy so you can track stats separately.

How do I know how many people have engaged with the chat widget?

We highly recommend setting up a Convo for the chat widget that you do not use elsewhere. If you have an existing Convo, simply make a copy of it to allow for this. This makes it easy to track stats simply by going to your Convos page. 

How does this look to my customers?

Here's a GIF showing an example of how it can look on a store.

Does this opt customers into my bot?

Yes, when they chat with you they will automatically subscribe to your bot. They will also be opted in to get abandoned cart messages, receipts and shipping messages if they are turned on for your store and the customer takes the relevant action. 

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