We support Recharge subscription products for abandoned cart messages. As with all of our abandoned cart messages, when a customer clicks "Checkout" from the messages, they will be taken to checkout with the product(s) already pre-populated in their cart.

We also support receipts and shipping notifications for the first purchase. We currently don't support receipts and shipping notifications for the subsequent subscription shipments. 

How do I enable the Recharge integration?

In order to activate the Recharge integration, there are two steps

  1.  Go to the Octane AI Apps page and click on the Enable Recharge button. If it's already enabled from the onboarding process, you can just move on to step 2. 

2. You need to enable cart tracking on Recharge's side. There are two ways to do this. 

  • The first option, is you can email Recart support [email protected] and ask for them to enable Octane AI for you on their side. 
  • The second, alternative option, is you can do it yourself. To do that you need to enable the Little Data integration within the Recharge app. You will find this option on the integrations page. You do not need to actually use Little Data, you simply need to click the button to activate this integration within Recharge. This adds the additional information we need to correctly track Recharge carts. 

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