***SMS is currently in beta, if you want to be considered to be added to this please let us know.***

With an open rate of more than 95%, SMS messaging is a powerful tool that helps you reach customers instantly. You can use it to send special offers, promotions, promo codes or any other news related to your store.

Can I use SMS messaging on my bot?

SMS messaging only available right now for Pro plans. If you would like to get early access for SMS, please let us know

How must does SMS messaging cost?

SMS messaging is charged based on the number of SMS messages sent from your bot. You don’t get charged for messages your customers send back to your bot. For the Pro plan, one SMS cost $.02 while on the Premium plan one SMS message is $.012. 

How do I get SMS subscribers? 

There are three ways customers can opt-in to become your SMS subscriber:

  1. Opt-in through Shopify checkout
  2. Opt-in through bot
  3. Import numbers

Opt-in through Shopify checkout -  when someone adds their phone number in Contact Information or Shipping Information and agrees to receive updates from your store by checking the “Keep me up to date on news and exclusive offers” option:

Opt-in through your bot - when someone gives you their phone number during the conversation with your bot in Messenger. Learn more on how to collect phone numbers from your customers in Messenger.

Import - you can manually import numbers of your subscribers directly from Octane AI dashboard by clicking on Imports button and adding a text file such as .csv or .txt with a phone number on each line. Don't add any other information to the file just phone numbers. Note that you should only add numbers of those customers who agreed to receive updates from your store

How do I send a broadcast to my SMS subscribers?

1. Go to Campaigns > SMS

2. Click on the New SMS broadcast button

3. SMS messaging editor will open and you can type in your text in the Message field

Note that one SMS message is 160 characters. When you send out a message, more than one SMS message can be combined into a longer message for modern phones as you can see in the preview. Your cost will be based on how many SMS messages you send and you can see it as you type your message.

4. After you’ve created your SMS campaign make sure it will look good for your customers once you send it out. Click on the Preview button, insert your phone number and click Send SMS message button. The preview will be sent to your phone free of charge.

5. Once you make sure everything looks perfect click the Send Message button and your campaign will be sent to all customers who have opted-in for SMS.  

*The editor will show you to how many SMS subscribers, this message will be sent to once you click send as well as the total cost of your campaign

Do I have to include opt-out text in my SMS message?

Opt-out information is by default included in every SMS message, so your users understand how they can opt-out if they do not wish to receive promotions on their phone. You can uncheck this box if you do not want to have it included in your message, but we highly recommend to leave it in order to avoid a bad user experience.

How do I schedule an SMS broadcast?
If you wish to schedule your SMS campaign for later or for some special day ie Black Friday campaigns etc. simply click on the Schedule button, select desired time and date and click Schedule:

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