Creating a Flow allows you to send automated messages to your customers based on their actions. With Flows, you can trigger a message when an opted-in customer abandons their cart, to confirm an order made, or to send shipping notifications. Enterprise and Pro users also have the ability to create a custom Flows based on custom triggers. 

Each Flow can be customized to suit your brand and once set-up, don't require ongoing updates. With your ability to edit you can get creative - use abandon cart Flows to increase marketing opt-ins

We’ve found that Flows have higher engagement than other campaigns because they’re tied directly to customer behaviours. 

On the Flows dashboard (pictured below), you have access to in-depth analytics for each Flow. You can use these analytics to gage the effectiveness of each Flow and implement improvements over time.

Learn more about each flow in the following articles:
Abandoned carts
Order confirmations
Shipping notifications
Get started message
Custom flows - Please note that custom flows are currently available only for Enterprise and Pro users. Learn more

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