There are three ways customers can opt-in to become your SMS subscribers:

  1. Opt-in through Shopify checkout
  2. Opt-in through bot
  3. Import numbers

In this article, we will focus on optimizing your Shopify checkout in order to get more SMS subscribers. 

How can someone subscribe to my SMS updates via Shopify checkout?

If a customer adds their phone number in Contact information or Shipping address and agrees to receive updates from your store by checking the “Keep me up to date on news and exclusive offers” option they will become your SMS subscribers.

How to optimize my checkout so I make sure I get as many subscribers as possible?

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you acquire more SMS subscribers through your checkout page:

  1.  Make sure that the Phone number field is added to the shipping info

 In order to enable this option go to Shopify Settings > Checkout > scroll to Form options and set Phone number as Optional or Required

   2.   Customize the Phone filed text so that users are aware that they will opt-in to your messages.

Go to Checkout Language > click on Manage checkout language” button > find a Phone label (for required phone number option) or Optional phone label (if your settings for Phone field is optional) and edit wording for the phone field placeholder like this:

You can also add something like: “Add your Phone to receive exclusive offers” etc.


3.   Make sure that the sign-up option is pre-selected for your store

In order to add this option, go to the Settings page on your Shopify store, open Checkout settings, scroll down to Email marketing and make sure that the “Preselect the sign-up option” is checked:

If you want to learn more about other SMS feature and opt-in options check out this article 

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