Learn about Broadcast Messages and how you can send messages to target and reach your audience. You can follow the video or written walkthrough below.

In this section we will: 

  • Learn about broadcast messages
  • Go over subscription versus promotional messages
  • Set-up a promotional broadcast with a discount code

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Important note: On July 31, 2019 Facebook is going to switch from app-level permission for subscription broadcasts and subscription flows to page specific permission. See more information on how to request permission by clicking here.

What are Broadcasts?

Broadcast Messages are one-time messages you wish to send to your subscribers.

There are two types of Broadcast Messages: 

1. Subscription Broadcast - intended for news updates that are non-promotional.

2. Promotional Broadcast - intended for promotional updates and updates that don't meet the subscription guidelines.

For example, you can use a Subscription Broadcast to notify customers that a store is opening within an area. Whereas you can use a Promotional Broadcast to promote a new product launch in your store. For more information on the difference between the two and Facebook’s guidelines, see this article.

Creating a Promotional Broadcast

Let’s create a promotional broadcast message about a new product. Navigate to Broadcasts under Campaigns and select Promotional Broadcast.

For promotional broadcasts sent to subscribers who have interacted with the bot more than 24 hours previously, you can only send one line in a promotional broadcast message (see more about these guidelines here). 

To get the most out of your broadcast, it’s a good idea to create a strong call to action in the first message. You also have the ability to link a button below the message. You can also add an image with a button (instead of text as shown below).

You can add quick replies for customer to choose from. Once a customer clicks a quick reply, you can add the rest of your convo whether it’s a message, image, link, product, etc. 

If the customer clicks the quick reply, you can send more than one message afterwards. Having a strong call to action that encourages the customer to click a quick reply means you can communicate more information.

You can then choose to schedule the Broadcast for later or select no time to send the message immediately.

You can also target the broadcast to any criteria outlined below. By targeting the message, you can send more personal content to customers who are more likely to be engaged. 

You can click Send Message when you’re ready. The bot will confirm once more that you’d like to send the message, and the broadcast you’ve created will be sent to all eligible bot subscribers.

Now that you've learned about Broadcast messages, you can use them to engage your bot subscribers. 👏

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