Learn about Conversational Ads and how you can use Octane AI to create impactful Facebook Ads that grow your bot subscribers and engage your audience. You can follow the video or written walkthrough below.

In this section we will:

  • Learn about Facebook Ads
  • See the difference between click-to-Messenger ads and sponsored messages
  • Connect Facebook Ads Manager
  • Set-up a click-to-Messenger ad

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What is a Conversational Facebook Ad?

It’s an ad that a Facebook user interacts with via an automated chat conversation. The conversation can range anywhere from collecting an email address in exchange for an offer to asking a series of questions and recommending a product. 

There are two types of Facebook ads you can create within Octane AI (both will require a Facebook Ads Manager connection: 

1. Sponsored Message: An ad sent as a message to Facebook users you’re already connected to on Messenger. You can trigger these based on Facebook custom audiences and event data. For example, you could send a message if they don’t follow your Instagram account. A sponsored message is shown below.

2. Click to Messenger Ad: This ad links to an automated conversation with your store’s Facebook page. Instead of directing the user to a landing page, it launches a conversation with your bot. This is a great way to encourage opt-ins to your bot and retarget those who engaged with your bot. A click to Messenger ad is shown below.

Once the Facebook user clicks Send Message, it will launch a conversation with your bot.

Creating a Click to Messenger Ad

Navigate to Facebook Ads in the left side menu in your Octane AI back-end. Here you can select to create a New Click to Messenger Ad. If your Facebook Ad account isn’t already connected, you can connect it here. Once connected, you'll be able to view statistics sent in from Facebook manager. Learn more about Facebook ads statistics here.

In the window below, you can customize the message that will be launched when the customer clicks on the ad.

You can link quick replies or once the customer clicks a quick reply, add extra content, site links, products, etc. Feel free to add a written discount code that you’ve created in your Shopify back-end as we have below. Next, we’ll choose to add a button.

By clicking add a button, you can create a call to action to any link. We’ll create a Shop Now call to action that will link directly to the Shopify store so new customers can browse products.

Next, you can customize the ad itself.

For reference, these are the fields that will appear in the ad. 

Next, you can select your call to action, campaign (create a new campaign or link to an existing), Ad set, set the campaign objective to increase messages, set the budget and audience.

You can then preview the conversation that will be triggered when the customer clicks the ad.

When everything looks ready, go ahead and press Create! This will create the ad within your Facebook Ads Manager. You can now go to your Facebook Ads Manager to add any additional advanced features like targeting and publish the ad live. 

Creating conversational Facebook ads will allow you to engage and grow your audience! 🔥

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