Learn about how you can automate solving customer problems and providing support with your bot. You can follow the video or written walkthrough below.

In this section we will:  

  • Learn about Customer Care
  • Set-up a response for unrecognized messages
  • Set-ups responses for common questions
  • Add keywords to Convos to improve recommendations
  • Learn about Inbox and Messages

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What is Customer Care?

Your bot is a natural place for customers to go for help, inquire with basic questions, and interact with your brand.

For example, below is a customer asking about the return policy can ask a number of ways. You can set-up a response that will send whenever a customer uses certain keywords like "return" and "policy".

You can also use your bot to give your brand a voice by setting up fun responses just in case someone messages your bot like a human would. This can help the bot feel more personal!

Setting up Smart Responses

In your back-end, Navigate to Smart Responses under Customer Care. This is where you can set-up responses that will trigger when the customer sends a message to your bot. In Messages your bot doesn’t understand, you will able to see responses your customers have sent that the bot is unable to recognize. By click one, you can add a new response.

In Messages your bot understands, you can turn artificial intelligence on or off. This means that the bot will get smarter as you train it with new responses and variations.

By clicking Any Unrecognized Message, you can set-up a response that will send if the bot is sent a message it doesn not recognize. 

For example, below I’ve set up two responses that the bot will alternate between. You can set up as many as you like.

You can also add new responses completely to messages from customers that you think they may ask or say. For example, asking about the product lines available. Below I’m setting up a response with some information and a link to my product page by clicking Add Button. Another example may be to set up a response on how to contact your support.

Setting up Convo Recommendations 

In Convo Recommendations under Customer Care, you can allow the bot to recommend Convos that will point customers in the right direction when they send a message with specific keywords. 

You can add the text that will send before the bot recommends the Convo, as shown below.

Then you can add tags for keywords, and black list words to not recommend the convo in certain situations.


Finally, you can use our Messages feature by adding Messages to your Main Menu as a menu item. This will allow customers to send messages directly to your inbox under Customer Care (shown below). 

Go ahead and create Smart Responses that your customers will respond well to! You can also create Convo recommendations, and edit the recommendations as you add more Convos.

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