On July 31, 2019 Facebook made changes to what pages can send subscription messages. Each Facebook page requires approval from Facebook to be able to send subscription messages. This is a change that affects everyone across Facebook Messenger. You are still be able to send promotional content through our promotional broadcast feature.  

To continue to use subscription broadcasts or subscription flows, you can apply for subscription messaging permission through Facebook's review process. This must be done for every Facebook page you want to have this permission. Here's how to request permission for subscription messaging through your Facebook page.

You can also read Facebook's official information on this change

To increase the amount of customers receiving promotional messages, as promotional broadcasts are subject to Facebook's 24+1 messaging rule, we encourage sending sponsored messages.

What is the difference between promotional broadcasts and sponsored messages?

Promotional broadcasts are sent to customers in your subscriber list who are eligible to receive them. They can be sent to people who engaged with the bot in the last 24 hours or a one line message if their last engagement with the bot was greater than 24 hours.

Sponsored messages are a Facebook Ad that allows you to send a promotional message to anyone who has interacted with your Facebook page's messenger before and not blocked your bot. This is a great way to re-engage those who have interacted with your Messenger in the past beyond customers on your subscribers list. With sponsored messages, you can use Facebook ads manager to further target who you're sending messages to using Facebook audiences.

By using sponsored messages, you can increase the amount of people who will receive promotional messages you send and dive deeper into targeting each message.

For more information on how to create sponsored messages click here, and for a more advanced look at Facebook custom audiences and targeting sponsored messages click here.

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