For Messenger to work, you need a way for your customers to opt-in to the bot. We recommend using different features based on the status of your Facebook checkbox.

The checkbox can be unchecked and pre-checked:



If you haven't used the Messenger widget before September, 21 2018 your checkbox is most likely unchecked and currently there's not a way to get it pre-checked because of a change in Facebook's policy.

Therefore we recommend you use the Discount Popup widget that will prompt your visitors to opt-in and become bot followers.

Learn more about how to set up the Discount Pop-up.

If you used Messenger widget before September, 21 2018 your checkbox might be pre-checked, in which case, you are eligible to use the add to cart checkbox to send abandoned cart messages. That will trigger a Facebook message every time someone abandons a cart without unchecking that box. 

Learn more about setting up Abandoned cart messages.

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