As of April 9, 2019, Facebook will no longer allow a pre-checked state for the checkbox. You can read their official announcement in this article

Why is Facebook making this change?

The pre-checked state caused confusion for some customers that were surprised to receive messages in Messenger. Because the checkbox was pre-checked, some customers didn't know they were opting-in for updates and were unhappy when they received messages from brands. Facebook ultimately decided to remove the ability to pre-check your checkbox.

How does this affect my store?
This means that if your store has the pre-checked checkbox then, as of April 9th, it will no longer be pre-checked, but we have a lot of other features that can help you gain more followers and increase your revenue. 

 Here are some options:

  1. The discount pop-up which opts users in on a pop-up on your site. If they click the button to receive a discount they will be opted in. 
  2. The customer chat widget which embeds the bot directly on your site. If customers start chatting with the bot, they will be opted-in. 
  3. Opt in more people by letting customer sign up for order confirmations and shipping notification updates from the order status page

You can check out this article where you can find more info on those features:

Is this true just for Octane AI or any platform?

This new rule applies to all bots and platforms which means that no one will be able to have the checkbox pre-checked any longer.

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