With Comment Capture feature you create a post that will be posted on your Facebook feed. When someone makes a comment on that post, they will automatically receive a message from your bot, and if they engage with that message, they become a follower.

How does it work?

Simply create a Facebook post you wish to publish here:

And Publish by clicking on the post to Facebook button:

What is First reply?

The first reply is a message that will be sent to the commenter through Messenger right after they post a comment.

There is one first reply set by default. You can edit it and add multiple replies that will be sent to followers randomly.

Advanced settings:

You can set up the feature to reply only if specific keywords are used in a comment:

You can also choose not to activate the feature if certain keywords are used in the comment, so by adding those keywords in the feed reply won't be triggered when those words are in the comment:

This is an amazing feature for growing your bot!

Check out the following video to learn more:

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