Custom Flows allow you to create a targeted series of messages that are sent when triggered by a specific date, time, event, or customers' activity.

These are automated sets of messages that go out based on a specific time or to a specific list of customers. They enable you to stay in touch with groups of people based on their actions, like, for example, when a customer follows your bot.

Here is a screencast of how to use custom flows:

How do I start a custom flow?

In the Left nav click on Flows and then click on the Custom flows link

Now, let's set up your flow:

Trigger - here you can choose what action will trigger the flow.

  1. If you select: "User is added to the list," the flow message will be sent after the user is added to the selected list.
  2. You can also trigger a flow campaign on a specific date or time. This campaign will then go out only once to those targeted followers.

Filter - here you can target customers by location, gender, number of orders and more.

Find out more about filtering here.

Time delay: set when flow should be triggered

By selecting a delay, you set up when the flow will be triggered, after the user is added to the list.

You can also check "Send to existing members," and then all users that are currently on the selected list will get your flow as well as the new ones.

Campaign message:  Now that you set up the audience and triggers, it's time to write up an amazing message that will be sent out. Just like when writing updates or convos you can add sections, tangents and connect to all other convos and features.

If you wish to preview your flow before sending to your customers simply click on the "Preview" button and your flow preview will open in Messenger:

Follow-up message
- optional

If you wish to create a multi-layer flow, click on the "Add follow-up message" button and choose one of 3 triggers:

*User receives previous stage of flow - Everyone who got the previous flow
*User clicks a button in the previous stage - Those who clicked any button in the previous flow (i.e. quick-reply or button)
*User does not click a button in the previous stage - Those who did not click any button in the previous flow

By choosing a delay, you will set up how much time after the previous message this new message should be sent to your followers. A typical delay is one day, but you should set it up based on your campaign.

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