The Messages feature enables your customers to send messages directly to a real human. (You!) These messages appear in your Octane AI inbox. 

How do I set up the Messages feature?

In order to set it up go to Bot Settings > Main Menu > New menu item and then choose the Messages feature

Customize how it will look on your main menu in Messenger by adding image, title, subtitle and call to action button click Add to Menu button:

How do I see messages from customers?

To check your Inbox go to Customers > Inbox. You can also choose to get an email whenever someone sends a new messages simply by checking "Send me an email when I have a new message" at the top of your inbox.

How does this look to my customers?

This is how it looks for them:

Why Does the Messages Feature Matter?

While you can program an Octane AI bot with tens, hundreds, or even thousands of auto-responses, there is no bot technology in existence that knows all the answers. Sometimes, a customer just needs to talk to a human.

That’s why we made Messages. You can program your bot to respond to unrecognized messages with a prompt for followers to send a message to a real human — thus enabling a handoff from the bot to a human. You can also use the Messages features as a simple contact form for the people who visit your Facebook Page and/or Messenger bot.

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