Social Waiting list enables you to easily build a viral waiting list that helps you promote your new products, announcements etc.

How do I setup this feature?

In order to setup Social Waitlist go to Add Campaign and click on Social Waitlist

Step 1: Campaign Name
Add the campaign name, for example: new album, new collection, etc.

Step 2: Who is launching this? 

Are you launching the Campaign for a person, a group, or a brand? If you select "Person" the bot will refer to itself as "I" and "my". If you select "Group" or "Company" the bot will use "we" and "our".

Step 3: Customize the text

Once a person is added to the waitlist, they will be sent this message and then they will see buttons letting them share their referral link with their friends. Customize the CTA that asks them to share it with friends 

Visited from Referral Link
Customize the message that will be shown if the person comes to the bot from a referral link.

Incorrect Referral Link
Customize the message that will be shown if the person comes to the bot with an incorrect referral link that we can still identify as being related to this campaign.

Step 4: Add the social waitlist to your bot Main Menu

Customize how your waitlist campaign CTA will look in your Main Menu by adding picture, title and subtitle

***Congratulations your campaign is set up!

Once your campaign is launched, next you would want to notify everyone the waitlist that the big day is here. 

Step 5: Start Launching 

Click on the Start Launching button in the Social Waitlist Manu Item

Step 6: Create Launch Campaign item in Main Menu

In this step you choose how the announcement that your new product is live will look. You need to add image, title, subtitle and URL to the product. You should also set the launch period, which is the number of days for you wish that menu item to be in your main menu after launch.

After Launching all users who opted in to your social waiting list will receive the notification that your product is now ready and this item will be added to the main menu.

In case you do not want to display this as a menu item and just send it to people who opted in, simply choose the option to remove the menu item:

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