Want to let your followers know when you have an event near them? In Octane AI you can easily ask your followers for their location and then send targeted messages based on city, state and country of your followers.

How does it work?

In order to target by location, first you need to collect that information from your followers. In a Convo simply click on the "+" button in the Convo editor in order to request location like this:

When a followers goes through this Convo they will be asked for their location and can send it in one click.

Why don't I have more followers who have location information?

Make sure you are sharing the Convo that asks for location and featuring it prominently in the menu. You will need customers to give their location before you can target them.

I've collected location information, now how do I target messages?

After your followers send their locations you can send relevant updates based on their location. If, for example, you are planning a promotion/concert/visit to San Francisco you can notify only people in that area like this:

Check out the following article to learn more!

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