Broadcast Messages are one-time items you wish to send to your followers.

You can share a broadcast with your followers by adding text, images, audio, video, convos or link to external website.

Depending on the content you wish to send to your customers, there are two types of broadcasts you can send:

1. Subscription Broadcast - intended for news updates that are non-promotional.

2. Promotional Broadcast - intended for promotional updates and updates that don't meet the subscription guidelines.

When should I use Subscription Broadcasts? 

Subscription broadcasts send to all your followers and are more regulated by Facebook. You can use them only for news. It has to be non-promotional in nature and cannot simply be focused on getting information from your audience. Here is how Facebook says these news updates should "inform people about recent or important events, or provide information in categories such as sports, finance, business, real estate, weather, traffic, politics, government, non-profit organizations, religion, celebrities, and entertainment."

When should I use Promotional Broadcasts?

Anytime you cannot use a Subscription broadcast, you can use a Promotional Broadcast. The only rules around promotional broadcasts are about who you can send it to. It can be sent to people who engaged with the bot in the last 24 hours and then one message after that. We handle the rules of who it can send to so if you use a promotional broadcast it will automatically only be sent to eligible followers.

Learn more about Promotional Broadcasts and how to build up more eligible followers.

How do I send a Broadcast?

First, in order to choose the broadcast type you wish to send, go to Dashboard > New Campaign > and select Broadcast type:

With the Schedule button, you can choose when the broadcast is sent to your followers simply by clicking on Schedule button and selecting the time and date:

You can also define which of your followers should get that new broadcast. Learn more about targeting.

Pro tip:

Based on engagement stats, we've found that sending Convos to your followers is one of the best things you can send. Learn how to send a Convo via a Broadcast in this article.

*We save all your previous updates, you can always find them by clicking on this button:

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