Octane AI will automatically send your opted-in customers a message on Facebook when they add an item to their cart and then not complete the order (this is called an "abandoned cart"). 

First, you want to make sure customer are opting-in. If you have the pre-checked Facebook checkbox, we recommend adding the Add to Cart Checkbox. If you don't have the pre-checked checkbox or aren't sure what I'm talking about then you should add our Discount Pop-up. You can also feel free to add both of these. Learn more about which is right for you here.

The abandoned cart message will be sent from your Facebook page, and by default it will look like this:

To change the default message, follow these steps:

Step 1

Go to the Abandoned carts page and click on the Edit button on the reminder you wish to edit

Step 2
Change your "Abandoned cart message" to "Customize the message", and then change the message to say whatever you'd like. Get creative.

Step 3
After you customized the working of your abandoned cart message, check the preview on how it will look for your customers. In order to see the preview scroll at the bottom of the Abandoned cart editor and click "Preview" button:

When you make sure everything looks perfect click the "Save" button

Video walkthrough

Optional: Add a discount code to the abandoned cart messages you send on Facebook

Next step: Customize your store's description on Facebook Messenger

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