The Discount Pop-Up is a widget that offers your customers a discount code if they opt-in and subscribe to your bot.

How do I turn it on? 

In order to turn on the discount pop-up simply go to the Revenue Dashboard and click "Customize." Add your discount code and change anything else you want. Save and then toggle on the Discount Pop-Up in your dashboard. 

How can I customize this widget to fit well with my site theme?

Click on the "Customize" button and you will see an options to change styles, copy and add the code.

How do I create a discount code for my pop-up?

You should create a discount code directly on your Shopify store. Here is a Shopify help article on how to do that.

What message will users receive on Facebook Messenger after they click the "Get this in messenger button"?

Users will receive the default message with the discount code. You can see and edit that message in the last step.

Can I display the pop-up only on desktop?

You can choose on which devices you want to display widget. You can also choose how long after a customer arrives on your store you want the pop-up to appear. 

You can edit that in the placement step where it says "Display on all devices"

What if I want to customize the pages where the discount pop-up appears?
On the placement step, you can easily customize which pages your discount pop-up appears on. Choose whether you want to display on all pages (the default), to identify certain pages to exclude or to only display on a selection of pages.

Here's an example excluding certain pages:

If you want to target by your your home page, enter your full domain. I.e. 

When should I use the discount pop-up? 

It's a great way to get your customers to opt-in to marketing on your store. This feature is especially important if you are not using the add to cart checkbox. Learn more

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