A great way to grow your bot is to promote it using Facebook ads. You can setup a Facebook ad in our JSON ad builder, enabling a custom experience per ad. Facebook ads let the bot talk directly to the customer without them needing to hit "get started," enabling better conversions.

How to create Facebook Ad?

Fist step is to create your JSON Code in the Octane AI dashboard. In order to do that go to Octane AI > Campaigns > JSON Ads and click on the "New Ad" button:

Add your ad name (for your internal use), intro message and a reply or button to take your customer to the next step after they engage with the ad (ie Product Finder Convo, Questions etc)

Click on the "Save & get code" button when you are ready. In the next step you will get JSON code that you will add to Facebook's power editor. 

How do I set it up on Facebook's side?

Now in order to create your ad you simply have to set it up in Facebook's power editor. 

For Distribution set Messenger

In Messenger Setup click on Custom Template:

Click on the Get started button and choose the JSON tab:

Select and remove the entire example code and instead copy and paste our custom code that you created in the step above.

Everything else should be set like normal ads on Facebook. To learn more about Messenger Ads check out this Get started guide.

Pro Tip: Create a new Convo for each ad to track performance separately. You can use our Copy Convo feature. Simply copy the Convo and use that version of it for your ad and then all the stats will be unique!

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