If you are sending a promotional message in your bot, you should use our Promotional Broadcasts campaign to send it. This might include message about a sale, some new products or anything where your intent is for the user to purchase.

Promotional broadcasts are limited by Facebook. You can send them within 24 hours of the user first interacting with the bot and one time after that until the user engages again. Once the user does engage with the bot again, they are eligible to be sent another promotional broadcast. What does this mean? Make sure you send engaging messages to your subscribers!

One strategy we've seen work is using subscription updates to send highly engaging updates about news. Then you will be able to message all those engaged users with a promotional update.

How do I send a Promotional Broadcast?

In order to send Promotional Broadcast click on Campaigns > Broadcasts > New Promotional Broadcast

What are the best practices for sending a promotional message?

You can only send one message within the first section of a promotional broadcast because of Facebook's rules. So for instance, you can send text with a button, one image, one video or a carousel but you can't combine them. As soon as you add a reply though, then the user has engaged with the bot and you can send whatever you would like.

So we highly recommend for promotional content you send something with reply buttons that are highly engaging so the user taps them. Here's an example:

Once the user taps a reply button, you are no longer limited by sending one message at a time so you can set up whatever follow-up you would like with images, video, audio, buttons etc.

If you want to do send a simpler message without reply buttons another option is to do a carousel. That looks like this:

You could also send text and a button which looks like this:

How do I check broadcast before sending?
In order to check how broadcast message will look for your customers, before sending it live click on Preview button and it will open in Messenger the exact broadcast your customers will receive:

How do I get more eligible subscribers to send to?
When you are sending a promotional broadcast you can see how many eligible subscribers you have in the title. You may find that you want to build up that list before you send a new promotional message. You have a few options for how to do that:

  • If you have non-marketing focused material to send like news or something informational, send that through a subscription broadcasts. If a user engages with that broadcast, then they are again eligible to send a promotional message to. Definitely make sure that broadcast has engaging replies! Learn about Subscription Broadcasts.

*Use our comment capture tool to engage your Facebook fans. Learn more about Comment Capture.

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