Wondering how large the images in your bot should be? How many characters you can use in a reply? Here's the deal on all the Messenger media and text restrictions you need to know. ✅

Menu & Carousel Items

You can include up to 10 total menu items (shown below) per menu, and 10 carousel items per carousel.

Menu & Carousel Images

These display at a ratio of 1.91 width : 1 height.

Menu & Carousel Titles

Titles and subtitles are each restricted to 80 characters each.

Menu & Carousel Button Links

You can include up to 3 buttons per menu or carousel item. The limit for each button is 20 characters.


You’ve only got 20 characters to work with here, too. Use ‘em wisely!


Make sure they’re 25MB or lower. (And if they’re above 20MB, you can expect them to take a bit longer to load.)

GIFs & Images

There are technically no limitations on the size of GIFs or images you include within your Convos, Flows, or Broadcasts. You should try to keep the file size small, though, so that they load quickly for your Messenger fans.

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