⚠️ On September 27, 2022, Octane AI will end support for (i.e. deprecate) our Facebook Messenger and Facebook Ads features so we can focus on our zero-party data and artificial intelligence features.

If other Messenger bots are active on your Facebook page, complications are likely to occur. We strongly recommend only having Octane AI as your active Messenger bot.

Here are the steps to making sure Octane AI is the only bot connected to your page's Messenger.

1. Navigate to your Facebook page's Settings.

2. Click on the "Advanced Messaging" tab.

3. Scroll down until you see "Connected Apps".

Octane AI should be the only Messenger bot connected, and should also have full permissions.

How do I check if Octane AI has permissions?

Navigate to your business integrations on Facebook. From there, open Octane AI:

There, Octane AI should have access to all permissions.

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