⚠️ On September 27, 2022, Octane AI will end support for (i.e. deprecate) our Facebook Messenger and Facebook Ads features so we can focus on our zero-party data and artificial intelligence features.

This is how you connect to a Facebook page and launch your bot:

To disconnect your bot from one Facebook page and reconnect it to another, follow these instructions:

1. Navigate to Settings in the top navbar

2. Click Unpublish > OK

3. Click Disconnect > OK

4, Click Connect to Facebook

5. Select the different page

6. Click Turn on Abandoned Cart Messages

7. Celebrate!

On a side note : 

If your page is not visible in the list of pages you are trying to connect your bot to, then from your facebook account, go to Business integrations.

Then open the Octane AI and chose to open and edit, under pages you will find all the created pages on your account. Just make sure the checkbox for the page you want connected.

Click Save and try to reconnect.

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