Congratulations 🍾 on officially making more money from your store using Octane AI! 💰

Now, we invite you to kick off your shoes, stay awhile, and watch those revenue returns roll in. But if you’re not ready to sit down yet (it’s okay--we’re excited, too!), and would like to take action to maximize your chances of dominating the Messenger platform, then this article is for you.

What do all those fancy Analytics stats mean? Which features should I customize first? For answers to these questions and more, read on! We’ll outline next steps for tackling your store’s Messenger success. 💯

Step #1: Get your bearings 🚸

The Messenger world is a new and exciting place. But if you dropped in for a visit without a compass, don’t worry--your Dashboard is here.

Once your store has fully completed setup and is connected to Octane AI, your abandoned cart, receipt, and shipping notifications will begin to send out to your customers.

You’ll see data for these messages, along with the revenue they bring in, on the Analytics page:

After the main analytics, you will see your SMS and Messenger stats. Right after you can see the All time stats:

And for an in-depth look at all of your Dashboard’s stats, read this.

Step #2: Find your purpose 🌟

Chances are, if you’ve joined Octane AI for Shopify, then your purpose in being here is to provide your customers with a concierge experience on Messenger.

Our abandoned cart, receipt, and shipping notifications are the core of that concierge experience, but they’re also just the tip of the iceberg.

If your purpose in joining Octane AI was also to establish your brand on Facebook Messenger, connect with your customers in the digital spaces they’re frequenting, respond to your customers through the channels they’re using, market to a wider base, and provide a scalable and immediate customer service solution, then keep reading! Your purpose is big and wide and we’ve got just the right tools to help you achieve it.

Step #3: Assemble your toolbox 🛠

Now that you know exactly what you want to accomplish on Messenger and why, it’s time to pick the tools best equipped to help you get to your goals and beyond.

If you're wondering where to start, we’ve found that the following areas of your bot usually require some quick attention right from the get-go. Take a look, and see if you won’t want to take ten to tweak each of these to fit your store’s style:

Welcome Message

This is the first message that *new* users will receive after finding your bot and clicking “Get started.” It’s your chance to say hello, introduce yourself, and give all your new Messenger friends a taste of what you’ve got going on.

The Welcome Message is an important introduction from your brand to new Messenger visitors. It WON’T display to folks who connect with you via an abandoned cart, but it WILL for anyone else who clicks on your Facebook page’s “Message” button, or who navigates to your bot from a direct link. So take a moment to say “hey!”

Read this for instructions on customizing your Welcome Message.

Main Menu

The Main Menu is a directory for all your bot’s active features. Your customers and Messenger followers can access your bot’s Main Menu at any time by clicking the hamburger icon at the bottom of their screen. This is a great place to highlight your most valuable content and important calls-to-action. It’s also the place where followers can locate and update their notification preferences.

Take a moment to ensure the Main Menu is written in your brand’s voice, and includes all relevant links to your most engaging content.

Read this for instructions on customizing your Main Menu.


If you’re eager to connect with your new Messenger followers right away, Broadcasts are the way to go. Broadcasts are one-time messages you send out to your followers, either immediately or at a later scheduled time. Your Broadcast will show up on your followers’ phones as a push notification, so it’s a very powerful way to update your customers on sales, new arrivals, store events, and more.

Read this for instructions on sending your first Broadcast. Read this for tips on optimizing your Broadcast messages.


Bots are bot-tastic and all, but some brands find it important to also provide an option for Messenger followers to connect with a human if need be. The Messages feature allows your audience to send in typed messages to you, which you can access at any time from your Inbox within Octane AI. You can also receive email notifications anytime someone sends in a typed message, if you like.

Take a moment to decide if you will want to use the Messages feature, or direct users to a customer service email or phone number instead.

Read this for instructions on customizing the Messages feature. 

Smart Responses

The majority of folks who interact with you in Messenger will do so via a button-guided experience, meaning that they will select buttons that you pre-write in order to continue on in the bot experience.

Sometimes, though, your audience may not realize this right away, and they may type in random messages to the bot (which the Messages feature will not capture). Take a moment to consider how you’ll want to address these unrecognized messages using Smart Responses.

Read this for instructions on customizing your Smart Responses. Read this on why it’s important.


The building block of every Messenger interaction is a Convo. A Convo is a button-guided, call-and-response conversation that you write anytime you’d like to share information with a customer on Messenger.

Convos will form the basis of your Broadcast announcements (should you choose to start push-notifying your peeps), so the best time to start learning how to use them is N-O-W.

Read this for instructions on writing your first Convo.


With that, you're all set to take your knowledge of Octane AI and transform your brand into a Messenger success! 🏆

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