Enable your customers to purchase products directly from Facebook Messenger and track how much revenue you make. Create Convos that recommend products and collections, offer one-time notification opt-ins, add trained responses, add links to your store and more! This is a great and engaging way to increase the value of people talking to your bot.

There are two ways to use this feature

  1. Add products or collections into a Convo, one-time notification, flow or trained response. This shows a specific product or products that the user can buy, right from the bot. 

  2. Simply link to your store in a Convo, one-time notification, flow or trained response and we'll track how many people buy because of that link.

How do I add products or collections into a Convo?

First, your bot must be connected to your Shopify store. In order to include a product or collection in a Convo, click on the Add media button in Convo Editor and choose the "Add product" option:

Search and select the product or collection you wish to include in your Convo:

The product will be added to your Convo like this within the conversation:

Or a collection will be added in a carousel as shown below. You can edit or refresh the carousel using the Edit and Refresh buttons.

After your Convo is published, your bot subscribers will be able to purchase products directly from your bot:

If your product has multiple variants the customer will be shown the different variants and allowed to choose between them when they click to buy.

Choosing a specific product variant

If you wish to display only one variant of the product you can go to convo editor and select that variant by clicking on the Variants button and selecting the one you wish to display:

Adding multiple products

If you wish to add multiple products you simply click on Add item button and add next product:

Removing products from the list:

If you wish to remove all products from the convo you would do it by clicking on the trash icon next to the Add item button:

If you wish to delete only one product you would do it on this icon that appears on product image:

Changing order of products:
If you wish to change order of products simply click on arrows on product to move it's position:

Can products be added to other campaigns as well?

Of course, you can easily add products to other campaigns like e.g. Custom Flows or Smart responses. Just find the Add Product icon in the Add Content section:

Can I just add a link to the product that will lead to product page or home page on my store?

Sure, if you want to do that simply add button with the link to the page like this:

Or add Custom carousel.


  • If you use a URL shortener our revenue tracking won't work and in that case sold items won't be added to Bot Sales Stats.

  • Images of the product are automatically cropped when you add them in the convo, we check the images from the store and if they are for example square we use the square image option for the carousel of products. 

Measure the revenue you make through Bot Sales

In the Revenue dashboard you will be able to see all Bot sales stats and understand how your campaigns are performing. Note that we track orders from products your customers bought through bot directly as well as when someone buys the product by landing to your store from bot.

Revenue -  Income from products purchased through the bot, excluding abandon cart conversions

Products Bought - Number of products sold through a bot, excluding abandon cart conversions. 

Orders - Number of orders within a bot excluding abandon cart conversions.

Average Order Value - Average amount spent per order within the selected period for products sold within the bot. 

Customers - Number of people who purchased your products through the bot in the selected time period.

Can you add a manual or automated collection?

In your Shopify back-end, you can select the collection type when creating the collection.

You can choose to make a collection just available to Octane AI if you want use it just for the bot within Shopify by selecting the sales channel visibility.

You can also change the sort order in your collection in your Shopify back-end when creating your collection:

How do I see how much revenue a specific Convo has made?

For every Convo you can see total revenue in a list view like this:

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