Our cart abandonment messages flow allows you to send a message over Facebook Messenger when someone abandons a cart after clicking Add to cart or Buy now button. It allows them to easily see their cart and purchase. You can also optionally add a discount to increase your conversions. 

How does a customer opt-in?

After you Install the Octane AI application and connect it to Facebook, you need to setup a way for customers to opt-in to Messenger messages. 

How does it work?

After a customer abandons their cart, they will receive an cart abandonment message in Messenger. The default timing is sixty minutes but it's customizable.

If the customer chooses Remind me tomorrow, we’ll send the second reminder 24 hours later – otherwise, they will not receive the second reminder message. Unless the Second reminder is on by default:

In which case second reminder will always be sent except in the case if user unfollow and turn off notifications.

How my customers can buy product from this message?

When the customer clicks Buy, they will be redirected to the store checkout page. After the purchase is complete, we continue the conversation in Messenger by sending the receipt and shipping notifications to the customer.

Learn more about how to manage Order Confirmations and Shipping Notifications.

How do I customize cart abandonment messages?

In order to customize cart abandonment message you need to follow these few easy steps:

1. Go to the Cart Abandonment page

2. Click on the Edit button on the reminder you wish to edit

3. In order to select when users should receive their cart abandonment reminder select one of the options from the dropdown.

NOTE: timing can be edited only for the first reminder, the second reminder always go by default after 24 hours, if the user opt in for the second reminder or if the Second reminder is on by default.

4. In order to change the cart abandonment message, click on Customize the message option and edit message bellow.

How do I add a discount code?

Discount code is optional and you can add it by creating discount code on Shopify and add code and offer in First and/or Second reminder. In our experience adding a discount code increases conversions. 

Are these customers subscribed to my bot?

The customer will be subscribed to your bot if they interact with the abandoned cart message, ie. if they click on any of the quick-replies in the message they instantly become bot subscribers.

For more opt-in tools check out this article. 

What happens after they purchase?

They will get a receipt and shipping notification if you have them turned on. Learn how to set them up.

If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected]

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