Are you looking to collect data from your Messenger followers? Why not ask them for it? With Questions, you can request that your fans submit data to you, all while they chat with your brand on Messenger.

Here are a few ideas for having fun with the Questions feature 🤠

Export CSV data 🚢

This may sound like the least fun thing you can do with Questions, but trust us: the ability to export the CSV data you collect from Questions will allow you to dream up lots of fun things to do with this feature.

Here’s how it works. In a Questions, you collect data from your followers in the form of multiple choice answers, freeform text answers, and/or photos that your followers submit. All of this data is available for you to view in your Questions Results screen, and if you hover over each answer, you’ll see the name, gender, and timestamp of the person who provided the answers.

Now the cool part, can export all of that in one easy-to-read-and-import CSV. Read this to learn how.

Now that you know how to export your Questions data, keep reading for some fun ways to engage your fans with Questions.

Collect user-generated content 📸

Questions aren’t just a way to gather text data from your fans--you can request that your bot followers send in photos via a Questions as well. Consider asking fans to submit photos of themselves wearing, styling, using, or promoting your merchandise. You can also use the multiple-choice or text fields within the Questions to gain permissions to reproduce this content on your sites or social media.

Gain email, mailer, or loyalty club subscribers ☎️

One of the most popular ways to use a Questions is to request personal data from your Messenger followers to use for retargeting purposes elsewhere.

If you’re looking to build out either a mailer or loyalty list, feel free to ask your fans to type in their phone numbers or physical or email addresses to you within the Questions. (Remember: you’ll be able to match their name and gender to the data they provide once you export your Questions Results.)

Concerned about privacy policies, terms and conditions, or the general legality of all this? Don’t fret--you can easily create a link to legal documents within your conversation, and request that users accept the conditions before they submit the Questions.

Send surveys & request feedback 📊

Want to send a survey out to your Messenger followers to track and improve your bot’s performance? Would you like to request feedback from your customers? You can setup either freeform or multiple-choice questions that collect your fans’ opinions and experiences. It’s fun and easy for your fans to submit this kind of information within a Messenger conversation. Just don’t claim that it’s anonymous, since you will have access to the names behind those survey responses.

Hold contests & giveaways 🎁

Finally, what is more fun than free things?!

Consider taking all of the cool Questions info you’ve learned today, and hold a contest or giveaway within your bot. You can use the Form feature as an entry field, and have fans type in their contact info or entry information. And of course, you can link out to contest rules before the Questions starts.

Hope you’ve found some fun ways to play with Questions today! Cheers to you and your data collecting efforts.

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