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When using the Octane AI Yext integration, you may find you don't want to include every store in Yext for your customers to find. This is possible through our Filtering tool.

If you wish to enable filtering, the first step is to toggle it on in your settings (go to Settings > Customize Yext > Enable filtering):

Th next step is to go to Yext Dashboard, find location you wish to filter>click edit>Go to Custom Fields>Octane AI Ignore Store filter>Check "Yes">Click "Save"

If you wish to set filtering for multiple stores you can do it all at once by checking stores you wish to filter out >click "Edit" button at the top>Go to Custom Fields>Octane AI Ignore Store filter>Check "Yes">Click "Save". To be clear "Yes" in this case means the store will be ignored.

You can find out more about Yext Locations Bulk editing in this article.

If you wish to easily see which locations are filtered, go to Columns and check: Octane AI ignore store filter.

Then in your Locations Dashboard, you will see which locations have been filtered.

*You would use this option if for some reason you wish to exclude certain store from Stores list that would be displayed to your customer.

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