Our Store Finder feature powered by Yext allows customers find and get directions to a nearby store. Users simply send their zip code or send their live location and the bot will display nearby stores.

How can I enable the Store Finder?

*In order to use Store Finder feature your business has to be using Yext. For more info on Yext tool, please visit their official website.

After you are all set on Yext, go to their Apps page find Octane AI and install the application.

Connect Yext to Octane:

Choose bot you wish to connect from the dropdown:

Your bot is now connected to Yext, you can check it in your Apps page:

*Please note that it might take up to 4 minutes for Integration to start working.

How to Add my store locations on Yext?

In this article, you can find step by step guide how to add your store locations in Yext.

How to filter specific stores?

You can do this by enabling Store filtering tool. Learn more.

How to add the Store Finder to my bot?

Store finder can be added to your Convos, Welcome message, Flows, Trained Responses by adding Store Finder feature like this:

It can also be added as a Quick reply here:

Or as a Custom menu item:

Pro tip: If you have a multi-location business or work in different verticals, using Folders can help you organize your stores more efficiently. Learn more on how to use Yext Folders.

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