The Octane AI Questions feature is a conversational way to gather customer information in your bot. You can ask for email, phone number, audience-generated content, opinions, polls, surveys, and ideas via your Facebook Messenger bot.

Their answers will be collected in your dashboard and can even be exported to a csv.

There are two ways to use Questions on your bot:

  1. Send Questions to your Customers as a Sponsored message - in order to send your Questions out to targeted customers in a timing you choose, go to Facebook Ads and select New sponsored message:

Then, write your message and link any Questions set you created before to an answer.

2. Add Questions to your bot's Menu - if you wish your Questions to always be accessible to your customers, you can add any Questions set to your Main Menu. To do so, navigate to Facebook Messenger, select Campaigns and Questions:

Then, all you need to do is clicking on Add to menu:

Type of Questions:

1. Text Field - Ask user a question for which they can write their own response.

2. Multiple Choice Field

3. Image Field - you would use this option if you wish to ask your customers to send you a picture

4. Email Field - option to ask customers for their email address.

The user's Facebook email address/phone number will be prefilled and they can click on that one to confirm or type in a different mail if they wish

If the user starts again the bot will remember their email and ask whether they wish to change it.

5. Phone Field - This lets you ask customers for their phone number. Like email, the customer will be shown a pre-filled reply with the phone number associated with their Facebook account, if they have one.

Repeat submissions:

With this option, you can select whether customers can fill in form once or multiple times.

How do I see the responses?

In order to see your customer responses simply go to Questions tab, click on questions and click Results for desired Questions form, and you see the overall stats and answers for every customer individually.

After the campaign is over, it's easy to export the data to CSV file.

Want to target by whether or not a customer has given their email or phone number? Here's a video on how to do that.

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