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Creating the Convo

Navigate to Convos in the left side-menu. Here you can see previous Convos created and press New Convo to create a Convo.

In the Add a Convo window, you can add an image, title, and subtitle. If you add the Convo to your Main Menu. It will display with this image, title, and subtitle. 

By clicking on Start Writing… you can start typing the first message that will send to your customers. 

Below your written message, the blue is what the customer will be able to reply to your message with. You can set up quick replies to continue the Convo.

By clicking the emoji, you can add Placeholders for the customers First Name, Last Name, or emojis!

Under the quick reply I’ve written, I’ll create a new message for the bot to send after they select the “Synthetic”. 

You can use the grey plus button to add media, links, your Main Menu, products, Questions, or a carousel. Here, I’ll add a button: 

When creating a new reply, you can create a new reply that links to the same response you just created. 

You can also create a quick reply that links to a new response. This is called a Tangent. You can create a new tangent for the Convo to flow into, so when someone selects this it sends a completely new response. 

You can follow the same process by linking a new convo, link to a website, add products, add a button, media, etc.

Once completed with your Convo, you can click Done.


You can then choose whether you would like the Convo featured in the bot. This will mean someone can find the Convo within the bot. 

You can then Save or Preview the Convo.

Each Convo will have a specific link that you can send to launch the convo, for example in an email marketing campaign. You can also share through Facebook and Twitter.

Example in Messenger

Here is how the Convo will look in Messenger...

When the customer then selects the Quick Reply you’ve set up...

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