Broadcasts were features that let Octane AI bots to send one-time items to eligible users in Messenger that could include text, images, video, Convos, a link and more.

With the March 4th, 2020 updates to Facebook's Messenger policies, broadcasts are now a legacy feature within Octane AI. 

As a legacy feature:

  1. Broadcast history can still be viewed.

  2. New promotional broadcasts cannot be sent.

  3. Pages with subscription messaging access can still send subscription broadcasts. 

As of the update, regular promotional messages can only be sent within the first 24 hours a subscriber interacts with your bot. 

These messages can be sent through flows. Custom flows can be used to manually design each step of a flow as well as targeting filters. 

How else can I message subscribers?

To send promotional messages outside of this 24-hour window, you can use one of these two features:

Viewing your broadcast history

If you've sent a broadcast before, you'll have access to the broadcast legacy page where you can view your message history.

Pages that had access to subscription messaging before the March 4th update will still be able to send subscription broadcasts.

Here's how your page should look if your Page has subscription messaging access: 

How do I get access to subscription broadcasts?

As of the March 4th update, Facebook no longer offers the option to request access to subscription messaging.

Only users who had access prior to the update will be able to use this legacy feature. 

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