A Convo is a piece of shareable content that is native to Messenger. It's a new and easy way to create interactive conversations for Facebook Messenger that you can share with your audience.

Convos are easy to create (it’s just like writing a blog post) and allow new people to discover your bot through the content you create!

They are so much more than just a blog post, they are interactive and perfect way to promote your store and can be adjusted to every customer based on their answers. Your bot says something, your customer can respond by tapping a button, and then your bot responds, and so on. These convos can be as short or as long as you want.

You can add different types of replies that allow your audience to engage with the convo:

  • Default reply (goes to the next section of the convo)

  • Tangent (let people choose which path the convo will take)

  • Link to other convos (you can connect convos to each other)

  • Display products from your store with "Buy Now" call to action

  • Subscribe (prompt someone who doesn’t follow your bot to follow you)

  • Share (prompt your audience to share the convo they are interacting with)

  • Link to other features on your bot (you can link to Forms, Messaging, and more)

  • Recommend convos to customers based on the messages they send

How do I create a Convo?

Creating convo is simple and fun, in this article you can find a step by step guide on how to do it.

How can I use a Convo to sell my products?

With In-bot Purchase feature you can sell your product through a Convo. By creating various tangents you can make sure that your customers get exactly the product they need by asking them questions that will lead them to the product that is right for them. Learn more about creating Convo Tangents in this article.

I created a Convo, how do I share it with my customers?

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