The Showcase Content and Merchandise feature turns your bot into a powerful content distribution channel by allowing your audience to browse your articles, videos, music, merchandise, and other content.

This powerful feature integrates with all of the places and platforms where you create content. You can showcase clothing, hats, sunglasses, new music, blog posts, podcasts, and any other type of content you can imagine! This simple yet powerful tool drives traffic, engagement, and sales to the content and products you work so hard to create.

Here is the list of integrations we support at the moment including Reddit, Medium, Pinterest, Vimeo, YouTube, iTunes, RSS, Soundcloud and more:

How do I add my integration?

If you wish to add an integration, like an RSS feed for example, go to Main Menu page, choose New Menu item and click on the Showcase Content.

After completing a specific form, the Integration will be added. In Item Details, add the rest of the info: image, title, subtitle, Menu Items button, and a button for each item in the carousel like this:

How can I get a preview of how the menu item will look like, before I add to the menu?

If you want to preview how it will look to your customers, simple hit the Preview button. You will get redirected to a the messenger to get a preview of how the menu item will look like before you save the update.

After you add it to your menu, your 10 newest articles/merchandise will be displayed in your Messenger bot.

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