You decided that Octane AI better suits your needs than ManyChat and wish to switch to Octane AI without losing valuable work you put in your ManyChat bot. Here is how you can easily switch and save your work.

How can I move my subscribers to Octane AI?

First thing you would like to do is to move all your subscribers from manyChat to Octane, here is how you would do it depending on your ManyChat plan:

  1. If you have ManyChat Pro plan simply go to Audience tab in ManyChat Dashboard, click Bulk Actions and click on Export PSIDs:

After you download the list send it to us at [email protected] and we will add it to your new Octane AI bot.

2. If you have the ManyChat Free plan, you will need to email ManyChat support and ask them to send you a CSV file of PSIDs. After they send it to you, forward it to [email protected] and we will add it to your new Octane AI bot.

Once your subscribers are added you can see them in Lists.

How to remove ManyChat from my Facebook Page?

In order to remove ManyChat from your facebook page go to your Page Settings, click on Messenger Platform and find ManyChat in Subscribed Apps list and click "Uninstall" button 

I am still not sure which of these two platforms is better for me, how can I decide?

If you are focused on selling products or services online we definitely recommend you to choose Octane AI being that Octane AI's entire philosophy is focused on being a chatbot builder for ecommerce. 

Check out this handy comparison chart to learn more: ManyChat vs. Octane AI.

How to copy Welcome message from ManyChat?

If you wish to have same get welcome message you had in ManyChat, go to Flows, choose Facebook Messenger, choose Welcome message and copy the content from your ManyChat Welcome message, If you need any help, check out this guide.

How to create Embeddable widgets?

You can do that with our Custom Messenger button tools .Learn here how to set them up.

Can I set customer chat with Octane AI as well?

Yes, it's very easy to set customer chat. You can turn it on just by clicking on Customer chat toggle button on Home page. If you wish to customize chat widget on your own check out this article.

I had Flows on ManyChat, can I set the up?

Absolutely, follow this guide on how to set up  custom flows. Plus, you can create some new awesome flows based on customers purchase history.

Can I send promotional and subscription broadcasts with Octane AI?

Sure you can! We have a few different types of broadcasts. Learn more.

ManyChat has Facebook comment capture to help me grow my subscribers list. Does Octane AI support comment capture?

Yes, our Comment Capture is similar feature to ManyChat's Facebook Comments. Check out this great video to get some ideas what you can do with our Facebook comment capture in order to gain more subscribers.

Can this bot also be promoted on Facebook Ads?

Yes, this guide can help you set up a Facebook ad to go directly to a specific Convo, enabling you to setup a custom experience per ad.

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