The add to cart checkbox is a great way to opt-in customers to get automated purchase messages. We add it automatically to your store but sometimes you need to adjust it's placement and we can help. 

How do I customize the add to cart checkbox placement? 

For certain custom themes, you might need some extra adjustment from us to make it look right. If you notice it looks strange, doesn't show up or have any issue with it the best thing to do is get in touch with our support team through the widget in the bottom right or by emailing [email protected] Keep in mind, Facebook's rules require the checkbox to be by the add to cart button, but we can make other tweaks you might need. 

Is there an embed code I can place myself?
No, there isn't, we add it automatically but we can help! Just contact us through the widget on the bottom right and we can help you adjust placement. 

What if it's showing up on pages I don't want it, like the collections page?
We can help with that too! Get in touch with us through the widget on your bottom right and we can turn it off on your collections page and many similar situations. 

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