With our Privy app you can opt-in customers to your Octane AI bot on the same pop-up that asks for their email. 

Customers on the Free, Growth, and Commerce plan have access to the Octane AI integration. More info on the plans here.

How do I integrate Privy with Octane AI?

  1. Go to Integrations and click on Customize Privy button in the dropdown

2. Customize the opt-in text. For instance, maybe you want to offer a discount code for opting-in.

3. After you finish customizing the opt-in text click on the "Next" button. You will see a popup with the code for the checkbox that you will need to add to your widget in the Privy dashboard, you can change the button size and choose between a dark or light theme (if your pop-up background color is dark choose the dark skin, if it's light choose the light skin). Copy the code and open the Privy app

4. Open the widget where you want to add the Facebook Checkbox, go to Popup Design and choose Click to edit:

5. Click on the Add Element button and choose Add HTML

6. Paste the code you copied in Octane AI in the HTML editor here:

7.  Click Save

***Note: The Checkbox won't be displayed in your Privy preview. We can't show the real checkbox inside Privy's editor so you will see an orange box as a placeholder for how much space it will take up.

You can drag and drop the element on your popup in order to place it where you want. By Facebook's rules and regulations it cannot be hidden and it has to be clearly displayed on the widget.

After you complete these steps, the checkbox will be displayed on your widget like this:

How does this work for my customer?
Once they opt-in in popup they will automatically receive a message in Facebook Messenger that you set in Opt-in request:

Once they confirm that they wish to receive updates from you, they will become your bot subscribers and you can send them broadcasts, targeted flows, questions etc.

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